Friday, May 23, 2008

About Us

Midler Avenue Wesleyan Church
511 S Midler Ave
Syracuse, NY 13206
(315) 463-8192

Pastor John W. Skinner
Phone: (315) 437-0740


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From the North
Take 81 South to 690 East.
Take Midler Ave EXIT 15.
Go North on Midler Ave (left at light from 690 offramp).
We are on the right-hand side at the corner of S Midler and Caleb.

From the South
Take 81 North to 690 East.
Take Midler Ave EXIT 15.
Go North on Midler Ave (left at light from 690 offramp).
We are on the right-hand side at the corner of S Midler and Caleb.

If you need more assistance, please call our office at 463-8192.

For Sunday School or Worship times, please see our "Services" page or our calendar.

(History of Midler Ave Wesleyan Church)
Some of the finest Christian people on earth help to make up the growing Wesleyan Church family. While many are second and third generation Christians with a long and rich heritage in the basic principles of the Church, other congregations are being formed in fulfillment of Christ's example to go "into the next towns." The fellowship is thus being enriched through growth. The process of nurturing Christians after the New Testament example is going forward. The number of churches and Sunday schools recently established in strategic centers of population is most encouraging. In these congregations, church responsibility is being assumed by those only lately called from a totally different kind of life, while historic congregations help prayerfully and financially to get the pioneer churches on their way. Sometimes it is the younger pastor and sometimes the older one who accepts the call to help get a church started, but always there is the rewarding experience of new spiritual life, answer to prayer, discipling of new believers, resulting in the establishment of an additional place where Christ-centered worship is enjoyed.

The Wesleyan Church emphasizes the cultivation of a deeply spiritual life and the practice of godly living. Never in her history were her channels open more widely for evangelism, revival, church extension, worldwide missions, and for the instruction of all ages in the Word of God.

The beginning of this "religious work" dates back to June 4th, 1896, when it formed as The Eastwood Union Church. The small group met in homes until 1906, when they called for the leadership of Rev. John S. Willett, employed at the time by The Wesleyan Methodist Connection of America as Assistant Editor of the church paper. Mr. Willett preached for the first time in July of 1906. In 1907 the group voted to be a part of The Wesleyan Methodist Church, and in 1915 completed the new building. Historical records of 1907 note this as the only church in Eastwood at the time. In 1918 the present 1,400 lb. bell was placed in the belfry, and still rings every Sunday calling Eastwood people to worship. Dr. John S. Willett served as pastor for 28 years. At his death in 1935 the church was renamed Willett Memorial Wesleyan Methodist Church in his memory.

In 1968 when The Pilgrim Holiness Church and The Wesleyan Methodist Church merged, the denominational name became The Wesleyan Church, and Willett Memorial was renamed Midler Avenue Wesleyan Church, yet remaining as a memorial to Dr. Willett.

Pastor John W. Skinner, current
Rev. J. William "Bill" Somerville
Rev. Richard Bennett
Rev. Frank Thomas
Rev. William Turverey
Rev. Roger Rounds
Rev. Lloyd Mack
Rev. Royal Woodhead
Rev. Leslie Conley
Rev. George Hilson
Rev. A.J. Shea
Rev. Clara McLeister
Rev. Alton Liddick
Dr. John Willett